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Gordon Ferguson
8 Dec 2012

I left Westfield in 1960 when I joined the RAF Boy Entrants, but used to drop in now and again thru the years up to 1968. I returned again this year (2012) to the UK after an absence of 23 years. Westfield hasn't changed all that much, apart from all the new houses that have gone up. I see the pub we called The New Inn is up for sale, Henson's has gone as well as the Post Office run by the Carey's. Nice to see that Archer's are still in business. I spoke to a guy who was going to buy or rent what used to be Tubb's garage. The old houses along Park View have gone, I used to have a mate who lived in No. 1, Colin who lived with his grand parents, the Morleys. Saunders shop has gone and they've even put down tarmac around the New Cut. Used to do the paper round there. Names like Case, Goatley, Cruttenden, Dean, Sinden, Crouch, Barden, Pelling, Lustad, Gain, the Pratts at Westfield school,Mr Leonard the vicar and many more. Joan Cook the lady who used to drive the school coach for us back and forth to Battle Secondary Modern School, it's all a memory now. But those were good times and good years.

Gordon Ferguson

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