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Platnix Farm

Platnix Farm in Westfield, East Sussex

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Cooper Shaun
17 Nov 2011

Dear David, Thanks for your interesting response. I cannot remember what I put in my original message, but my interest in Platnix IS from the Sheila Kaye-Smith side of things, as I have written a biography about her. I was trying to trace a certain painting of Platnix, which I had read (not much)about on-line somewhere. I eventually managed to fing two artistic impressions of the place (one colour, for a US edition of I think Selina) for SKS books and bought them both. Also managed to get an odd photo I think from about ... oh, I don't know off-hand. Going off on a tangent, you mentioned Toke Farm, which I have never heard of before. I have very keen interest in Sussex place-names and really want to know why Toke Farm is so called. You can email me direct at:

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David Mawle
16 Nov 2011

Hi Shaun,
I've just discovered this site and your mention of Platnix. I can't help you as I have only a very recent photo. My gt-gt-grandfather, John Mawle, bought Platnix in 1826 and grew hops there until his death in 1867. He also owned 2 farms in Brede and Toke Farm in Icklesham. After his death, the farms in Brede were sold, my gt-grandfather, John Mawle, lived at Toke Farm and his brother, Henry, lived at Platnix. I've been told that they were forced to sell up sometime in the 1870's after 3 bad harvests in a row.The novelist Sheila Kaye-Smith spent a few summers at Platnix during her childhood in the 1890's and it left an indelible impression on her. Her description of life on a Sussex farm was informed by her time at Platnix. I'd love to hear from you and learn what your interest in Platnix is.
Kind regards, Dave Mawle

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Cooper Shaun
31 May 2011

I am trying to find old photos of Platnix Farm. Must be pre 1956. From Shaun

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